News Flash: The Results are In

News Flash: The Results are In:

As reported in the January/February 2011 edition of Resource Recycling, in 2009 Hawker Corporation participated in a research project with Okaloosa County, Florida to remove contaminants from processed yard and storm debris.

During the demonstration in 2009 the Airlift Separator and CEC Screening system processed aged material with compost characteristics. The larger material: overs, and smallest material: fines, were discharged during the screening process leaving the “middles” to be processed for decontamination.

Up against two competitors, The Airlift processed 134 yards per hour, removing 85% of plastic contaminants in comparison to the next closest competitor at 64 yards per hour removing 87% of the contaminants. With efficiency being the bottom line; it’s official, the Airlift Separator has proven to be successful without a decrease in production.

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