Airlift Separator / Hawker Corporation

Hawker Corporation is owned by Susan and Oren Posner of Eugene Oregon. The Airlift Separator was initially developed to meet the needs of their composting facility which processes over 90,000 yards of finished compost and wood waste annually.

Hawker Corporation’s manufacturing experience began in 1996 with the development of the Blotech Blower Trucks; the Airlift Separator AL-200 is the newest equipment line developed and sold by Hawker Corporation.

Mailing Address:
Airlift Separator
Hawker Corporation
2111 Prairie Road
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 345-9085
Fax (541) 461-2427


We process material for the entire city of Sacramento and beyond. That’s 120 tons an hour. We wouldn’t be able to meet our commitment level without the Airlift Separator
Mark Ranuio / BioFuel Recyclers, LLC
We run the Airlift Separator on a CEC screen and it has definitely met our expectations. It did exactly what we were told it would do by cleaning up the plastic from our “middles.” It has made a product that was previously not marketable, due to plastic contamination, into a saleable product. We would recommend it to any processing site that has a problem with plastic contamination.
Steve Nimz / Hawaiian Earth Products
The Airlift is a dynamite machine for its effectiveness in removing plastic from our wood waste. We make a quality product but continue to fight plastic contamination in our wood waste processing. The Airlift has made our product better, so much so that it has all but eliminated the frustration of having to deal with customer complaints regarding the contamination in our finished products.
Jake W. Oasterman / Grover Landscape Services
The Airlift works really good for us. It is removing about 90% of the plastic from the fines and about 85% of the plastic from the overs allowing us to recycle the overs which we do now.
Marv Klein / Wood Waste LLC
It is worth the money…I had a company out of state call me asking what we do about contaminates. I told them how well the Airlift Separator works.
Bud Dow / NW Environmental & Recycling