The Airlift Remote Actuator Kit

After visiting many compost sites and considering feedback from our customers and loader operators, we realized that by making adjustments to the nozzle and fan speed with the ease of a remote control we could help our customers produce a more consistent, higher quality compost product. As a result of eliminating the cumbersome process of adjusting the vacuum nozzle and fan manually, we have effectively given the operator complete and easy control of the operation all from the comfort of the loader cab.

The Airlift’s Remote Access Actuator Kit raises the fan head away from the material on the conveyor or moves it closer, depending on the density of material being screened.

The Airlift Remote Access Actuator Kit is retrofitted easily to existing Airlift machines with the help of an electrician. All of the new Diesel and Hydraulic Airlift Separators are fitted with the new Wireless Control System as a standard feature.

For more information about the Airlift Remote Actuator Kit, please contact Jimmy Smith 888-345-9085.